• What is BFAB?

BFAB is a first of its kind Food Bank Marketing Initiative that aims to provide locally produced, delicious and high calorie meals to Pakistani’s. Our meals are designed to be nutritious and give high level of sustenance to the consumer. They are produced with careful consideration of food hygiene and safety standards. Our meals are available for purchase online and at our designated food stations that are in the following four cities:

    • Karachi
    • Lahore
    • Multan
    • Naushera
  • How BFAB meals produce?
    • Our meals are made with fresh produce, bringing a unique taste to our customers.
    • We use 100% local products in order to support our local food sellers.
  • What is Boxi-Full Meal?
    • Bfab designed 100% wholly natural Pakistani meals.
    • Each Boxi of the days below description is posted on www.bfab.pk meal board:
        • Portion size per person:
          Chicken – 3/4 ounces (113 grams)
          27% is the percentage of raw bone in a chicken leg.
          Naan Bread – 170/180 grams
          Chicken Gravy – 446 Cal
          Broth – 267 Cal
          Salad – 395 Cal
          Naan Bread – 530 Cal
    • Min Kilo Calories: 1,600+, Kj (energy): 6,500+.
    • It’s immunostabilised with a perfected nutrient intake per meal.
    • Ideal for your food energy needs.
    • Served with Love & Care.
  • What is ParTi-Wrap?

    • A delicious wrap to start a ParTi in your tummy.
  • Why We Exist?

    • BFAB is a homegrown food security initiative. BFAB is a subsidiary of bpakistani.com, specific to ending hunger in Pakistan through a unique concept of providing low cost, high calorie meals!
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